The Vaguely is a boutique design studio owned and operated by me, Vanessa Hernandez, out of Los Angeles, California (mostly; have passport, will travel.) Using a range of skills including tactile rendering, brand building, design theory, art direction, typography, lettering, and illustration, my job is to help you communicate visually, effectively, and beautifully. 

Heavily invested in effective graphic design and how it can improve environments and lives, I began my career via internship at one of the pioneering companies focused on social impact, enabling me to learn from amazing mentors while participating in the beginning of a dynamic culture shift. Experienced in working with company cultures ranging from startups to corporate, I have a drive for working with others to collaborate on the best possible outcome while utilizing the psychology of design in its application. I also have major experience in tacos, gold leaf, and laughing too loudly.

Clients and collaborators include TOMS, Playboy, GOOD Worldwide, Quincy Jones Productions, WWD Magic, Surfrider Foundation, The Hammer Museum, General Assembly, BUNCH Magazine, and more.